Why do we need a new hospital at Rouse Hill?

To meet the healthcare needs of a rapidly growing population in Western Sydney, the NSW Government is investing in health infrastructure in the region. This includes plans for a new hospital at Rouse Hill closely aligned with nearby redevelopments well underway at Westmead, Blacktown and Nepean hospitals, and an expansion project announced for The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. 

How much funding has the project been given?

Following the 2023 State Election, the new NSW Government committed a further $400 million to the new Rouse Hill Hospital, bring the total commitment to $700 million.  

Where is the new Rouse Hill Hospital being built?

In late 2021, following an extensive site evaluation process, a 2.2 hectare site on the corner of Commercial Road and Windsor Road, Rouse Hill was selected as the location for the new hospital. 

Why was this site chosen?

Several sites were investigated and had to meet a strict set of criteria for selection. The hospital site on the corner of Commercial Road and Windsor Road was selected because of it's convenient access to the Rouse Hill town centre and public transport links. It is also large enough to accommodate new buildings, car parking and expansion zones. 

Does the NSW Government own the new site?

Yes, the NSW Government acquired the site from a private landowner in July 2021.

What services will be included in the new hospital?

The final scope for the Rouse Hill Hospital Development will be determined through the planning process but is expected to include:
  • An Emergency and Urgent Care Department
  • In-patient beds
  • Day surgery unit
  • Short stay medical assessment services
  • Pathology, pharmacy, and medical imaging services
  • A health hub for virtual care and hospital in the home services
  • Prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and lifestyle medicine
  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Care services including paediatrics, renal, and women’s health
  • Administration, staff support and back of house services
  • Car parking facilities.

Where is the Rouse Hill Hospital development currently up to?

Master Plan

In November 2022, the master plan for the hospital site was completed. The master plan determines the building’s location on the campus and how it relates to parking zones, public transport, access roads and other retail and community services. It also identifies future clinical expansion zones.

Clinical services

The clinical service priorities for the Rouse Hill Hospital have been determined following the approval of the Western Sydney Local Health District's Clinical Services Plan. The Clinical Services Plan (CPS) which looks at the clinical priorities for the hospital to 2036,  is based on population demographics, hospital admissions from the area, future projections, and staff and community feedback. 

Community and staff engagement

In addition to the 20 workshops that were held with residents in 2021 to inform the Clinical Services Plan, there will be further opportunities for community participation on specific details of hospital service including how the different services will interact with each other. Consultation and engagement with health staff and community members will form an essential component of the ongoing design process and complement and aid in models of care delivery. More updates and opportunities will be shared with staff and community members as they arise. You can also register your interest in providing feedback by completing our form here. 

What is happening next?

The next stage in the project is the concept design. This where the project’s lead design team works with various stakeholders to develop details about the new hospital building, including the functional layout of the clinical services. Concept design will be followed by a schematic design and detailed design process.

When will work commence?

Construction timeframes will be confirmed once planning is further progressed and a builder has been appointed

Has the community had a say in what services are included in the Rouse Hill Hospital development?

Yes. Between August and October 2021, twenty workshops were held. Some 158 participants including 84 residents and patients from 49 suburbs, and 74 healthcare providers from a diverse range of professions were represented. These workshops were conducted to collect views about their clinical service preferences and different types of care models.

You can also register your interest in providing feedback by completing our form here. 

How will the local community continue to be involved in the project?

Health Infrastructure and WSLHD is committed to working together with local communities and health providers to deliver the best possible health facilities.  Together we are working closely with Government departments, agencies and local communities to investigate and plan health infrastructure solutions to meet the future needs of a growing community. We will continue to encourage and seek feedback about the new Rouse Hill Hospital project at all stages of the planning, design and delivery stage.

How can you stay informed?

People can subscribe to our redevelopment newsletter via this website and contact us via email at rousehillhospital@health.nsw.gov.au.