A key component of our early engagement for the Rouse Hill Hospital formed the basis of a Report: ‘Consumer and Provider consultations on Innovative Models of Care and the Rouse Hill Health Facility”. This report was used to inform the master plan of the hospital campus and the design of a new health facility that is fit for purpose now, and into the future.

In 2021, Macquarie University was commissioned by the project team to conduct a series of workshops and interviews between August and October. It included 158 participants, including 84 residents and patient representatives from 49 suburbs and 74 healthcare providers from a diverse range of roles and workplaces. Feedback from these sessions were included in the report. 

Aboriginal engagement - Connecting with Country

Learning about the Darug land that we are building our hospital on has been an important element of early planning.  

A Connecting with Country framework has been created for the Rouse Hill Hospital development, which was informed by the experiences and knowledge of Aboriginal people, including people from the Darug nation.

To develop the framework, the project team engaged Connecting with Country consultants, Bangawarra to better understand Country and the history of the site to ensure we design a hospital that respects and reflects local Aboriginal culture and people. This engagement has also helped form the foundations for how the project team will work together with WSLHD to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal people.

The Rouse Hill Hospital project team looks forward to continuing to engage with local Aboriginal Elders and community members to ensure we create a facility that is culturally appropriate and welcoming for all. If you live in the north western Sydney region and would like to participate in future Aboriginal engagement opportunities for the project, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at HI-rousehillhospital@health.nsw.gov.au